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Nexidia Pioneered the Field of Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics

Nexidia’s roots in the interaction analytics field run deep, extending to original research at the Georgia Institute of Technology where the phonetic indexing and search approach was first developed. With the original inventor still on staff, and additional research scientists from places such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University, Nexidia continues to innovate and improve on its core intellectual property. A list of current patents follows:


Issued Patents

Technology Description

Transcript Alignment
Patent 7,231,351; 
issued June 12, 2007
Application of phonetic indexing and search to robustly time-align a transcript with audio
Phonetic Searching
Patent 7,263,484; 
issued August 28, 2007
Creation and search of phonetic index for audio/video files
Phonetic Searching
Patent 7,313,521; 
issued December 25, 2007

Assessment of search term quality

Phonetic Searching
Patent 7,324,939; 
issued January 29, 2008
Indexing and search covering both forward and backward directions in time
Phonetic Searching
Patent 7,406,415; 
issued July 29, 2008
Structured queries: combination of search terms via Boolean and time-based operators
Phonetic Searching
Patent 7,475,065; 
issued January 6, 2009
Search via linguistic search term plus phonetic search term or voice command
Transcript Alignment
Patent 7,487,086; 
issued February 3, 2009
Search of phonetic index and/or textual transcript
Wordspotting System
Patent 7,640,161; 
issued December 29, 2009 
Pronunciation optimization: iterative refinement of target search pronunciation 
Wordspotting System Normalization
Patent 7,650,282; 
issued January 19, 2010
Structured query normalization: statistical modeling of score distributions of potential hits to characterize and reduce false alarms to improve accuracy; auto thresholding 
Phonetic Searching
Patent 7,769,587; 
issued August 3, 2010
Phonetic indexing and search of text
Spoken Word Spotting Queries
Patent 7,904,296; 
Issued March 8, 2011
Searching audio by selecting audio clips as the search query
Multiresolution Searching
Patent 7,949,527; 
Issued May 24, 2011
Faster search of spoken content via multiresolution phonetic indexing and novel compression techniques
Enhancing Call Center Performance 
Patent 8,051,086; 
Issued November 1, 2011
First Call Resolution analysis via dynamic definition of repeat caller patterns
Comparing events in word spotting 
Patent 8,170,873; 
Issued May 1st, 2012
Application of subword unit models to classify audio
Keyword Spotting Using a Phoneme-Sequence Index
Patent 8,311,828
Issued November 13, 2012
Application of phonetic search to very large sets of data.
Real-Time Agent Assist
Patent 8,411,841
Issued April 2, 2013
Real-time presentation of materials to an agent based on in-call analysis of a customer-agent interaction.
Consistent User Experience in Information Retrieval Systems
Patent 8,429,171
Issued April 23, 2013
Improvements to the user experience when searching multiple sets of audio.
Enterprise Speech Intelligence Analysis
U.S. Pat. 8,494,133
Issued July 23, 2013
Analysis of repeat caller patters to improve First Call Resolution metrics in contact center operations
Phonetic Similarity
U.S. Pat. 8,670,983
Issued March 11, 2014
Find regions of similar spoken phrases across multiple takes of audio, primarily to improve video editing efficiency
Compressed Phonetic Representation
U,S. Pat. 8,719,022
Issued May 6, 2014
Compression of phonetic information allows a significant decrease in on-disk storage required for Nexidia search.
Speaker Adaptation
U.S. Pat. 9,001,976
Issued April 7, 2015
Speech model adaptation across multiple calls, leveraging that call center speech often has repeated phrases from one call to the next.