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How We Do It

There is a growing demand for companies of all sizes to analyze customer interactions for a better understanding of the customer experience. In order to make Voice of Customer initiatives mainstream, there needs to be fast and affordable ways for companies to get started. Hosted solutions accomplish this with quicker implementations and a lower cost of entry."
Jim Davies
Research Director
Gartner, Inc.

Get Started Now.

As you're working your way through our website, you've read about Nexidia Interaction Analytics, viewed some videos on the homepage, and may have even watched our demonstrations.  You may have a few questions, but mostly, you’re just ready to get started and begin driving improvements to your own contact center. The first step is to give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and give you a more in-depth demonstration if needed.

And for this demonstration we can even use your own audio and prove a business case that's unique to you, so you can see the value for yourself. Want to learn more about this unique, personalized, guided tour of Nexidia Interaction Analytics?  Download our Proving Ground brochure.

Now that you've seen that results your business can realize through a Proving Ground demonstration, and you're ready to implement Nexidia Interaction Analytics you may be worried that the size of your contact center might make the solution out of reach due to cost or resource limitations? Well don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. Nexidia’s Analytics OnDemand program lets you prove the value of analytics in part of your organization before expanding it across the enterprise. Startup costs begin at $20,000, which includes setup in a secure hosted environment and data extraction of interactions. The cost of ongoing monthly service starts at $50 per agent per month, with a minimum $5,000 per month, for a one-year contract. This provides an ongoing annual cost starting at $60,000, with the flexibility to increase or decrease volume as business needs change. Also included in the program is Nexidia online, instructor-led training to ensure that companies can easily get up to speed.

Now Nexidia is an option for all contact centers, regardless of size, who are serious about wanting to transform their business through the power of interaction analytics.