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Knowledge Center Nexidia, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of North Carolina, and the Voice of the Customer: A Frost and Sullivan Case Study

Frost and Sullivan illustrates how Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina’s Voice of the Customer (VoC) program has enabled the company to identify and prioritize key challenges, cascade and coordinate insights across the enterprise, and capitalize on untapped value-creating opportunities. Using Nexidia, BCBSNC discovered that members were confused about claims, benefits and coverage. Previously, they may not have been able to pinpoint the source of the confusion, or the regularity with which it occurred. Thanks to Nexidia, they now understood the exact percentage of calls that were initiated by customers who were confused by marketing materials or were unable to self-serve via the company’s website. As a result, BCBSNC was able to understand and implement ways to make things simpler and friendlier for their customers. One way was through the use of standard terminology and clearer language across their product offerings and marketing materials. Another was through a redesign of channels such as their website or complicated processes to better serve their membership