Technology Advantages

How We Do It

How We Do It

Monitor, review & quickly produce audio recordings for discovery and compliance.

Nexidia’s patented audio discovery technology allows you to tap into the wealth of information that's locked away in audio content. By enabling analysis of all the recordings in your data set, you can complete reviews for litigation, regulatory and compliance investigations at a fraction of the cost of human review or transcription.

  • Fast and Accurate: Nexidia’s Forensic Search helps you uncover critical evidence faster by delivering searchable content in just days.
  • Maximize Efficiencies: Reduces review costs from 50 to 80 percent by eliminating manual listening and transcribing.
  • Made to Scale: Economically handles massive volumes of audio recordings with minimal resource requirements.
  • Affordable and Cost Effective: Deploys audio discovery solutions quickly, without upfront hardware and software licensing costs.
  • Mitigate Risks: Enables proactive review capabilities for compliance and internal investigations.

Sampled human review of audio can introduce a large number of judgment errors due to fatigue, boredom, and distractions. Nexidia's defensible technology eliminates these issues and allows you to leverage the powerful impact of actual voice recordings in litigation, compliance, internal investigations, and regulatory matters...regardless of audio quality, speaker accents, dialects, slang, or unusual grammatical patterns.