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Get More From Your Media

The spoken word is both the richest and the most under-developed source of metadata in digital media. Nothing conveys the essence, the detail - the content - of your content, like the narrations and dialogue that give your media meaning. But turning this dialogue into searchable, time-based metadata has always been costly and time consuming.

Nexidia’s patented dialogue search, alignment and analysis technology finds words or phrases which are spoken in either live or recorded media streams. 100,000 hours of media can be searched in under a second. Transcripts and captions can be timed within 100th of a second. Languages and speakers can be automatically identified, and multiple languages are supported.

Using the many products created or powered by Nexidia, content consumers can easily find the media they want online, while content creators, producers and journalists can be more creative and reduce production costs. By licensing Nexidia technology, tools developers can create entirely new ways of working, and content owners like broadcasters, universities and corporations can unlock the value hidden in their massive libraries.

About Nexidia

Nexidia develops and licenses unique dialogue analysis products and technologies that enable content producers, owners and consumers to get more out of their audio and video media. With over a dozen patents awarded and many more pending, Nexidia powers applications for top media and entertainment companies like Avid, Turner Studios, Thought Equity Motion and MSNBC.

Nexidia owns 100% of the technologies we develop, giving us tremendous flexibility in implementation and licensing to meet our customers unique needs. Our professional services and support teams have industry-specific expertise to help you find and deliver innovative solutions quickly. And our emphasis on research guarantees you’ll benefit from our ongoing advances as your needs grow.

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