We're doing a better job of surfacing this content and giving our users the content that is most of interest to them.”
Charles Tillinghast

Find the Right Clip, Right Now
with Nexidia Dialogue Search

Monetize large media libraries by finding unique assets that fit your needs precisely – and quickly - without being overwhelmed by irrelevant results. In only seconds, Nexidia Dialogue Search combs through thousands of hours of media to find and play any spoken word or phrase.

Surface valuable assets that traditional metadata or caption search could never find. Dramatically reduce logging and transcription costs. Dialogue Search is available as a standalone system, or as an SDK which can be embedded in your application, asset manager, web site or cloud service.

  • Search thousands of hours of media in under a second
  • Supports dozens of languages and dialects
  • Far more accurate than speech-to-text searches
  • Easily finds slang, proper names and brand names
  • Highly tolerant of accents and spelling variations
  • Works in conjunction with standard metadata searches
  • Searches multiple volumes and multiple libraries simultaneously
  • Standalone web-interface search, or integrated into your infrastructure
  • API combining JSON and a RESTful design makes integration fast and easy.
  • No end user training required