…solutions that not only have a tremendous return on investment, but are accurate, reliable, and serve the global media market.”
Sam Pemberton

Align Text to Dialogue

Music, comedy, acting – good entertainment is all about timing. In just seconds, Nexidia’s audio alignment technology matches text files, such as transcripts, caption files or Final Draft® scripts to recorded dialogue, assigning each word a timecode value accurate to 1/100th of a second.

Right On Time

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Click anywhere in your transcript to jump to the matching video – or vice versa. Select portions of your Final Draft® script to export the corresponding video clip. Automatically add super-accurate timing to a new caption file, or update an existing caption file to match the edits in a video clip. Nexidia’s alignment technology will even show you where the text doesn’t match the dialogue, then assign new timings as you make updates.

No Timecode? No Problem.

Nexidia’s alignment technology will also time-align audio and video files without requiring timecode – or even dialogue. This is a life-saver for projects shot with multiple cameras or DSLRs where timecode for the audio recorder was not available.

Nexidia Syndicate

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