(Nexidia has) distinguished themselves through service to the industry and truly innovative new applications."
David Myron
Speech Technology magazine

The Leader in Phonetic Search Technologies.

Nexidia has applied years of research and development to deliver a comprehensive range of solutions for audio and video search. Nexidia works with some of the world’s largest contact centers, media and entertainment companies, government agencies, and legal firms to help them realize the amazing possibilities now discoverable in audio and video content.
By delivering the best technology and deployment resources, Nexidia has delivered a platform that unlocks the untapped value inside the massive amounts of unstructured audio and video content by making it searchable and enabling you to achieve the most amazing value never before possible – competitive advantages, operational efficiencies, and new business opportunities.
Nexidia develops virtually all of our own technologies and applications, holding patents for our phonetic indexing and searching capabilities which lie at the heart of analytic products. This investment enables us to work more collaboratively with our customers. Our commitment to innovation enables seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, workflow processes and innovative applications.
Nexidia is the partner you can trust.

  • The innovation leader: Nexidia is fully committed to innovation and invests heavily in developing our own technologies and applications. This ensures seamless integration, rapid technology advances, and speed to market with the most advanced, leading-edge solutions.
  • Best-of-breed service and support: Nexidia’s highly trained professionals can help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently. Nexidia professional services and support teams have industry-specific expertise that enables them to uncover innovative ways to apply Nexidia technology to your business problem.
  • A comprehensive portfolio of technologies, applications, and services: As your partner, Nexidia offers affordable and flexible purchase and deployment options to ensure your success. We will work closely with you to quickly access the value locked away in recorded audio and video files, resulting in new efficiencies, and new business and revenue opportunities – in less time than you thought possible.

Nexidia Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Atlanta, GA with additional sales representation throughout North America, Europe and Asia.