Vertical Solutions

[Interaction] analytics sharpens the pencil. If there is a problem, it identifies that problem."
Steve Dunn
Owner and Director

Solutions Specifically Designed for Vertical Needs.

Nexidia has honed our vertical solutions through years of experience working within specific, key industries.  By cultivating this experience we’ve built:

  • Transformative, Industry Intelligence known about the healthcare, financial services, communications, technology and collections industries running deep within Nexidia.  Nexidia is armed with more than just surface level information.  Our thorough knowledge comes from years of collecting information on the verticals themselves and combining that with practical real world experience gained from solving key business challenges for numerous clients within those verticals.  So we're poised to help you solve the industry issues most relevant and transformative to your company.
  • Expert Managed Services Teams who bring extensive knowledge of your vertical, Nexidia Interaction Analytics technology and the contact center.  These teams are led by subject matter experts who have an intimate understanding of your space and are uniquely positioned to know how to apply our technology to your most crucial problems.
  • Product Features and Functions that we designed to support your needs and help you get to the root causes of the most pressing business issues affecting your customers and bottom line.
    • Customized Reports and Dashboards:  Unique reporting and dashboarding tools, available with Nexidia Enterprise Analytics, show you the metrics most relevant to your vertical’s needs. 
    • Pre-defined Business Topics: Pre-defined topic searches (knowns as queries) relevant to your industry that help you get to the heart of common business challenges more quickly and thus lead to a more rapid return on investment.

To truly deliver a vertical solution, all of these pieces of the puzzle need to come together, and with Nexidia, that’s what you’ll get.  And while other customer interaction analytics vendors may claim to have a solution tailored to your space, Nexidia has the referenceable clients to back it up.