The future of
interaction analytics
has arrived

Neural Networks in Technology

Unlock the immense power of machine learning for your business, and transform your company by harnessing predictive analytics to gain insight into your customers across all channels. Prepare to revolutionize customer engagement with Nexidia.

Next Generation of Analytics

Introducing Nexidia Analytics

Make data silos a thing of the past. Nexidia Analytics analyzes 100% of your interactions from text, to chat, to email, to traditional audio. Agents will drive towards meaningful customer insights with ease using best-in-class analytics and unified metrics.

Technology Breakthrough

Powered by Deep Learning

Identify multiple customer scenarios, or use cases, and process a stunning number of conversations - at blinding speed. Nexidia Analytics analyzes each individual text and audio interaction across individual words, and phrases, in addition to providing judgments related to tone and outcomes.

Fully Integrated

A Unified Interaction Analytics Platform

Do you want to understand how to boost customer retention? Do you want to remediate customer issues faster than ever? NICE + Nexidia provide a unified solution that's already helped businesses across the globe achieve real-world success. Learn more below!

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