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News Saddletree Research Declares Nexidia Capture Will Have Immediate Impact on Contact Center Market

Saddletree Research Declares Nexidia Capture Will Have Immediate Impact on Contact Center Market

Sep. 05, 2012

Leading Contact Center Research Firm Lauds Nexidia’s Next-Generation Call Reporting Product in New Research Update 

ATLANTA, GA – September 5, 2012 – Nexidia, a leading provider of customer interaction analytics solutions for business transformation, today announced availability of a new research brief from Saddletree Research that concludes the company’s next-generation call reporting product, Nexidia Capture, will provide an economic pathway to advanced call center analytics. 

The Saddletree Research brief, “Nexidia Capture Call Recording Software:  Economic Pathway to Advanced Analytics,” finds Nexidia Capture’s ability to integrate into traditional time division multiplex (TDM) networks and Voice over Internet Procotol (VoIP) networks as a notable capability because it paves the way to broad scale implementation of interaction analytics. 

According to Saddletree Research President and author of the brief, Paul Stockford, “Nexidia Capture offers an alternative to companies that have struggled to find an analytics solution for a recording system that may no longer be meeting the contact center’s needs but is not yet fully depreciated or cannot be removed due to other concerns.”  

“Offered as a service, Nexidia Capture does not necessarily require a company to remove an existing call logging solution in order to implement Nexidia Capture, said Stockford. “Although Nexidia Capture can function as any company’s sole call logging solution, it can also be used to augment a recording system that may not meet today’s state-of-the-art standards or may store data in a format that is difficult to extract and analyze.” 

“Nexidia Capture offers an analytics-compatible recording solution that eliminates any excuse for a company to not be using speech analytics in their customer service strategy today,” said Stockford. “With costs for Nexidia Capture starting at $60 per channel per year, the financial circumstances that may be underlying the cause of delay in acquiring a call recording solution for any contact center have been negated.”  

Summarizing the adoption drivers for future call reporting products, Saddletree Research believes that analytics is the primary factor behind the purchase of the majority of call recording solutions in 2012.  

To download your copy of the Saddletree Research report, “Nexidia Capture Call Recording Software:  Economic Pathway to Advanced Analytics,” click here.

About Saddletree Research
Saddletree Research was founded in 1999 by veteran telecommunications industry analyst Paul Stockford with the objective of providing leading-edge industry information on contact center market segments that are new, emerging and/or have high growth potential.  Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Saddletree Research provides communications industry research including analysis of market trends, issues, technologies, and companies in the contact center, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and emerging communications markets such as social media.  For more information visithttp://www.saddletreeresearch.com.
About Nexidia 
Nexidia provides interaction analytics solutions with patented technologies and breakthrough applications that enable companies to drive business transformation by capturing, making sense of, and using the full range of communications they have with customers. As the traditional voice of the customer expands from the contact center to include surveys, email, chats, and even social media sites, Nexidia provides software and service expertise to help companies synthesize this data into both a tactical tool for operational improvements and a catalyst for strategic business transformation. For more information, please visit http://www.nexidia.com/.


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