Speech analytics does three things. It gets to the relevant calls much more quickly. It gives you clear trends that you can monitor very closely, either at an aggregate level or an advisor level. And it gives you a volume of evidence that you can use to really encourage the personal [agent] you're supporting."
Dave Edmonds
Project Manager


Nexidia Knowledge

On this resources page you will find an extensive collection of materials to help you understand more about Nexidia’s solutions for interaction analytics. If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for, or would like to speak to a Nexidia representative, please contact us.

  • Frost  Sullivan Case Study - TalkTalk Frost & Sullivan Case Study - TalkTalk:

    Discover how TalkTalk is merging customer behavioral data collected from contact center interactions with its transactional and demographic data to be able to develop a “complete 360-degree view of the customer”.  Through the use of interaction analytics, they were able to analyze these combined data sources and have more robust information available to apply towards their business goals. This resulted in dramatically improved customer experience and retention, agent training, compliance, and marketing effectiveness, among others.

  • Frost  Sullivan Case Study:  Nexidia and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Frost & Sullivan Case Study: Nexidia and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina:

    Voice of the Customer (VoC) Analytics to Increase Clarity and Ease of Use for Customers:  This case study illustrates how Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina’s VoC program has enabled the company to identify and prioritize key challenges, cascade and coordinate insights across the enterprise, and capitalize on untapped value-creating opportunities.

  • TalkTalk Case Study TalkTalk Case Study:

    Discover how TalkTalk is using speech analytics to ensure sales consistency across 278 agents in three outsourced partners, both on-shore and off-shore.

  • Barclays Case Study Barclays Case Study:

    Learn how Barclays UK Retail and Business Banking has implemented speech analytics, alongside a cultural change program, to help deliver its strategic goal of making customers' lives much easier.

  • APEX Credit Management Video Testimonial APEX Credit Management Video Testimonial:

    Steve Mound and Richard Furlong discuss how APEX uses speech analytics to provide a competitive advantage in the UK debt collection market.

  • APEX Case Study APEX Case Study:

    A UK credit management company improves agent peformance and collections with speech analytics.

  • EarthLink Video Testimonial EarthLink Video Testimonial:

    John Bowden, Sr. VP of Customer Operations at EarthLink, discusses their use of Nexidia to manage quality at multiple outsourced call centers and the significant cost reductions they have realized.

  • EarthLink Case Study EarthLink Case Study: Speech analytics helps improve contact center process and quality.
  • BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Case Study BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Case Study:

    BCBST's BlueCard program records over $1 million in ROI during a successful Nexidia QuickStart program.

  • Plaza Associates Video Testimonial Plaza Associates Video Testimonial:

    Mike Petrone and Jeff Stroum of Plaza Associates discuss how Nexidia ensures compliance and improves collector performance.

  • Ventura Video Testimonial Ventura Video Testimonial:

    Andy McKenzie, Head of IT at Ventura, speaks about the outsourcing company's use of Nexidia, enabling them to deliver excellent customer service at a very competitive value.

  • Ventura Case Study Ventura Case Study:

    A UK outsourcing company helps customers balance efficiency and customer service with analytics.

  • Blue Cross NEPA Case Study Blue Cross NEPA Case Study: A health insurance company turns to analytics in search of the reason behind sky-high call volumes.
  • Insurance Customer Success Story Insurance Customer Success Story:

    An insurance provider uses speech analytics to pinpoint IVR issues that accounted for 58% of misrouted and transferred calls.

  • Collections Customer Success Story Collections Customer Success Story:

    A debt collections agency uses speech analytics to reduce risk and improve collections performance.

  • Financial Services Customer Success Story Financial Services Customer Success Story :

    A national bank uses speech analytics to automate 100% of their auditing process without adding additional headcount, avoiding millions in potential liability and fines.

  • Telecom Customer Success Story Telecom Customer Success Story :

    A teleservices provider increases their sales close rate by 33% using speech analytics to identify successful selling strategies.

  • Healthcare Customer Success Story Healthcare Customer Success Story:

    A healthcare company identifies millions in savings by using speech analytics to identify IVR improvements.

  • Retail Customer Success Story Retail Customer Success Story:

    A consumer electronics company reduces repeat calls by 48% with insights gained using speech analytics.

  • Technology Customer Success Story Technology Customer Success Story:

    A software company uses speech analytics to identify opportunities to deflect calls away from live agents, resulting in million dollar savings.

  • Nexidia’s Performance Management in Action!:

    It can often be difficult to tell one quality management solution from another these days.  The terminology can be similar and you’ll hear a lot of conversation about improving coaching, finding relevant calls, and ensuring that you’re addressing specific performance milestones.  And indeed, these are fundamental components of conducting performance management using interaction analytics. 

    However, for an organization to truly make a fundamental shift, and move the needle on all of their agents versus just a few, they need to be able to perform metrics-based management.  In this demonstration based forum, Nexidia will explain what this means and describe why it’s important, and you’ll have the opportunity to see how Nexidia’s solution stands apart and offers a truly unique approach. We’ll also demonstrate how our metric-based solution starts at the enterprise level and applies all the way down to the agent level.

  • What You Really Need to Know about Real-time Analytics:

    Real-time is a hot topic in the speech analytics world and combining post-call analytics with real-time monitoring and alerting adds up to exceptional business value. In this webinar Larry Skowronek of Nexidia shares the business differences in post-call and real-time analytics and why having both is important.  Bob Moore of Aspect shares examples of how companies can integrate real-time with other components of their contact center solution to derive added business value. 

  • Best Practices for Extracting Data for a Successful Speech Analytics Implementation:

    Speech analytics is a powerful tool for tapping into the business intelligence in your customer interactions.  But first you have to get to the data, and that can be tricky.  In this webinar we showcase examples of companies who overcame unique challenges when extracting data to implement their interaction analytics solution. You’ll learn how they accommodated a number of complex issues like incorporating multiple data sources, metadata field and data types.  You'll also learn the types of data you should be extracting, how to avoid the fight for control of your audio, ways to keep it secure, and gain a deeper understanding of how metadata enhances your analysis.

  • Executive Briefing On Speech Analytics:

    In this webinar we explore how speech analytics is transforming the work of contact centre quality monitoring, customer service, compliance and even debt collection. So how can you find out what speech analytics works and how it may benefit your business?

    Speech analytics has made a dramatic change to the way that contact centres operate.  It has moved from ‘early adopter’ technology into the mainstream.



    •Introductions – Jonty Pearce, Call Centre Helper

    •An overview of Speech Analytics – Jonathan Wax, VP EMEA, Nexidia

    •How we use Analytics – Chris Barkataki, Strategy & Analytics Manager, Experian

  • Everything You Have Wanted To Know About Speech Analytics But Were Too Afraid To Ask:

    In the first of a series of educational webinars, Customer Experience and Quality Specialist, Chris Rainsforth from the Professional Planning Forum, will explore the increasingly popular topic of Speech Analytics. He will look to dispel some of the most common myths about Speech Analytics, how it can impact your business, the real costs and time involved in the implementation process and much more. There will also be a Q&A session at the end of the webinar. 

  • How Analyzing Your Customer Interactions Is Key to Navigating the Affordable Care Act:

    Healthcare organizations are going through unprecedented transformational changes and reforms.  Today's companies need to support a new business model in which they focus on consumerism, and adhere to more challenging compliance and cost regulations.  Thankfully, the key to navigating these changes and being able to respond quickly lies within information already being generated – the interactions coming into your company.  This webinar discusses how Interaction Analytics allows you to organize and analyze the data contained within these interactions in order to succeed in this new landscape.

  • How Interaction Analytics Makes Customer Care the Enterprise’s MVP:

    Today’s forward thinking companies, like Time Warner Cable, find themselves uniquely positioned. Using Interaction Analtyics, they have the opportunity to elevate the customer care center to MVP status in their organization by providing insight into nearly every facet of the business. In this webinar, you'll hear Keith Dawson of Ovum discuss how Interaction Analytics breaks down silos and provides a holistic view of the customer experience. Rudy Flores of Time Warner Cable shares how his company uses Interaction Analytics to solve key business challenges and find value both inside and outside the contact center.

  • 6 Ways to Improve Quality Monitoring & Performance Management:

    Performance management and quality monitoring are both key to driving up customer satisfaction levels. But how can you improve them in a way that both raises customer satisfaction and keeps agents happy? This webinar discusses these issues, as well as provides practical solutions about how they can be solved. 

  • Multichannel Performance Management - Making Every Interaction Count:

    So you’ve made the jump from traditional quality monitoring to incorporating speech analytics into your performance management program. However, more and more interactions are taking place with your agents via other channels, such as email and chat. It’s time to add text analytics for a complete picture of your agent and customer interactions.

  • Creating a Hub for the Multi-Channel Interactions in Your Contact Center:

    Your customers are contacting you in more ways than ever before. They still prefer to pick up the phone, but now also utilize chat, email and social media. But tapping into these multiple types of unstructured interactions can be difficult. Not anymore. Discover multi-channel analytics.

  • Elevating the Customer Experience through Advanced Reporting and Interaction Analytics:

    Discover the tools of the past, present and future for tracking customer experience in the contact center.  Learn how advanced reporting and analytics deliver the information needed to quickly understand how your company is measuring up against your customer experience metrics - and more importantly - the reasons behind the results.  Also hear how Nexidia's telecommunication companies are using these tools to study and improve customer retention and churn.

  • Winds of Change: Thriving in the Changing Collections Landscape:

    Learn how the new Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act regulations will impact the collection industry.   Collection companies need a greater understanding of their collection efforts, best practices for agent effectiveness, and 100% visibility into their debtor interactions to ensure compliance.  Learn how Nexidia's speech analytics solution allows collections companies to maximize their collection efforts while taking out costs, improving service, and ensuring compliance.

  • Agent Performance Management: The Extreme Makeover Edition:

    Discover how EarthLink transformed their entire quality monitoring approach through customer interaction analytics. Learn the results they have achieved in both agent performance and increased customer satisfaction, with the latest techniques that are proven in the field.

  • Customer Interaction Analytics - A Starting Point For Change:

    Customer Interaction Analytics allows organizations to analyze every phone call, chat, email and tweet and translate this data into a total picture of the ‘Voice of the Customer'. This allows companies to quickly discover the customer issues that are impacting their business, provide in-depth analysis to find best actions to take, and make fast business decisions that reflect the changes really desired by customers.

  • Transform Your Business with Customer Interaction Analytics:

    Customer communication channels now include everything from phone to blogs to email to social forums. This is causing a shift in the way the voice of the customer is captured and analyzed. Learn about the emergence of multi-channel interactions and how tapping into the intelligence they contain can help you transform your business.

  • Real-Time Decisions from Speech Analytics:

    This webinar discusses the benefits of real-time speech analytics, including driving real-time information to the agent desktop and providing real-time alerts to improve communications. Also outlined are the practical considerations needed to implement your own system.

  • Discover how Speech Analytics is Reducing Customer Effort and Increasing Performance:

    This webinar focuses on how companies in diverse sectors are using speech analytics. Discover how they have made substantial operational savings, improved agent performance, identified process change, ensured compliance and boosted CSA and KPI scores.

  • Make the Grade. Earn Financial Incentives and Improve Customer Service with Speech Analytics:

    New financial incentives, such as the Quality Bonus Payment for Medicare Health Plans, have raised the stakes.  Now, more than ever, it pays to deliver superior customer service.  CRMXchange presents this webinar which discusses the specific criteria health plans must meet to qualify for this bonus. Speech analytics empowers plans to improve agent performance and business processes to ultimately improve customer satisfaction and earn financial rewards.

  • Vonage Leverages Speech Analytics Inside The Contact Center:

    Vonage experienced success with speech analytics in several areas, including agent training, quality monitoring, sales effectiveness and new product promotions.  Mike Trotter, Vice President of Customer Experience, describes how Vonage has leveraged speech analytics to improve overall contact center operations and deliver marketing intelligence.

  • Using Speech Analytics to Ensure Agent Quality in an Outsourced Environment:

    Customer Management IQ presents a webinar about the role of speech analytics in an outsourced environment. Speech analytics allows companies to measure outsourced agent performance while protecting the customer experience. EarthLink shares their outsourcer success story.

  • How Speech Analytics Can Help Give You More for Less:

    Customer Strategy Magazine presents a webinar about using speech analytics to gain a greater understanding of customers, improve service, win loyalty and save money.

  • Reducing Cost-to-Serve in Health Insurance Contact Centers: A webinar featuring Maria Darras, Director of BlueCard Operations for BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee.
  • Speech Analytics in Healthcare: Webinar featuring case study by Bob McDonald, Director of Customer Service for Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania.
  • Speech Analytics in Financial Services: A webinar presentation about how financial services organizations benefit from Nexidia's speech analytics solutions.
  • Best Practices Series: Part 3: Part 3 in the Best Practices series focuses on using speech analytics for sales effectiveness.
  • Best Practices Series: Part 2: Part 2 in the Best Practices series focuses on improving first call resolution with speech analytics.
  • Best Practices Series: Part 1:

    Part 1 in the Best Practices series focuses on the importance of categorizing calls to identify areas of business impact.

  • Successfully Structuring Interaction Analytics within an Organization:

    This podcast features a real-life example of how governance can make speech analytics implementations a success.  Matt Bird, the Quality and Compliance Director from TalkTalk, discusses why they turned to interaction analytics to revolutionize their quality process after struggling with a reliance on purely traditional methods in the past. He goes on to share how his organization prioritizes the efforts of their interaction analytics efforts to ensure each project has maximum impact across the organization. He also offers best practices for translating findings into actions and  discusses the value he’s received by sharing results and having buy-in from stakeholders.

  • Talking with Time Warner Cable: John Bowden Shares His Insights on Interaction Analytics:

    John Bowden, a member of the leadership team who designs and manages care interactions, speaks to Paul Stockford of Saddletree Research about how Time Warner Cable is gaining valuable insight into the customer experience by using Interaction Analytics. Bowden shares how his customer care center serves as a partner for the rest of the organization. Interaction Analytics allows various areas within TWC such as marketing to better understand what’s causing customers to call, so they can better understand how to serve them. The result has been a better experience and improved satisfaction. Hear him discuss how they’ve achieved these results.

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Discusses the Benefits of Having a Vertically Aligned Interaction Analytics Managed Services Team:

    Nicole Gassaway, Senior Product Developer of Customer Experience with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, discusses how her organization found value in having an interaction analytics vendor with a managed services team that had extensive healthcare experience.  She explains how their knowledge of health insurance lingo proved invaluable in having a team quickly up to speed and yielding a rapid time to insight.  She also totes the credibility that the team was able to create for their findings by relying on past experience with similar plans and how they were able to leverage their industry knowledge to anticipate the evolution of the analysis.

  • Cardinal Health Shares How Interaction Analytics Enhances Performance Management:

    Cardinal Health’s Maria Feay, Director of Quality and Learning, shares how they’re using Interaction Analytics to improve the task of contact center agent performance management, based on the success they’ve achieved through its implementation in other areas of the organization. With the introduction of Interaction Analytics into its contact center, Cardinal Health is able to take use specific calls for goal setting and coaching and use empirical data points to identify outliers within its performance hierarchy.

  • Best Practices for Vendor Selection: Advice for Finding the Right Analytics Solution:

    Terry Walls, Senior Principal at Accenture, offers his insight into what to look for when selecting a speech or interaction analytics solution.  He shares the advice he gives his customers when they’re comparing vendors and explains what to look for to ensure the solution that’s chosen will meet your needs.  Walls explains the importance of conducting a proof of concept and outlines the parameters he recommends for conducting this important step in the evaluation process.  Your interaction analytics vendor needs to be a mix of the right technology with the right expertise. Knowing what to look for to find that ideal combination is the key to finding the optimal solution for your company. 

  • Real-Time Analytics: Redefining Contact Center Efficiency:

    According to Saddletree Research, real-time analytics is one of the top 5 mega-trends that will impact the contact center industry in 2013. In this podcast, Paul Stockford of Saddletree Research and Larry Skowronek of Nexidia discuss the factors that are driving the demand for real-time analytics in the contact center. 

    Specifically, the benefits received by the collections and communications industries are discussed. In addition, Larry offers his views on the importance of utilizing post call analysis to maximize the value of the information that can be conveyed during an interaction using real-time monitoring and alerting.

  • Is Dictionary Dependence Really A Big Deal? Find Out from People Who Know:

    There are two approaches to speech analytics.  One done through speech to text, and one done through phonetic indexing.  Using speech to text, audio files are converted into a transcript, which is used for search and analysis.  The trick is, for a word or phrase to end up in the transcript, it must be entered into a pre-created dictionary.  Speech to text vendors tell yout he words you want for analysis are almost always in the dictionary and their dependence on a lexicon doesn't matter.  But is this true?  This podcast asks actual users of speech analytics to describe scenarios where they've needed to conduct searches for phrases that weren't in the dictionary.  Their answers may surprise you.