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How We Do It

What I tell my clients is that if you have one technology that you need to invest in, it’s speech analytics."
Terry Walls
Director of Customer Impact

How We Do It

Optimal Technology Delivers
Optimal Results.

Let's face it, not all contact center technologies are made equal.  And when you're really trying to get to the heart of a problem, and test out several hypotheses, you don't want to be limited by what you can search for or the types of filters you can apply to the search. Nexidia's patented approach delivers significant advantages over other search methodologies. Our fast, scalable and accurate technology translates to distinct benefits for your business and allows you to get the most out of our interaction analytics solution. Strengths of Nexidia’s technology include:

  • Uniquely scalable: Our Search Grid architecture uses a MapReduce style framework, allowing for massively parallel, distributed processing. The result is a system that can process 100% of your interactions in record speeds using a minimal footprint.
  • Explore without restriction: Ensure audio can be searched at any time, for any word thanks to Nexidia’s phonetic indexing and search system. Follow new hypothesis or search for terms not anticipated at project on-set instantly. Quickly compare results found in channels such as chat and email to audio without re-processing your audio.
  • Make connections: Harness Nexidia’s ability to incorporate nearly any metadata field and quantify the events occurring in the interactions; this allows for the creation of metrics used for analysis and the formation of deeper cause and effect connections.
  • Flexible platform: Integrate with nearly any recording system to capture interactions and metadata. Varying audio qualities, accents, formats and languages easily integrate as well.
  • Hosted and license solutions: Nexidia solutions can be installed on-site or accessed through a secure, hosted environment.
  • Open data architecture: Nexidia’s system is purposely designed to make it easy to get information in and out ensuring you’ll be able to use the information in big data environments.

And in today's world where everyone wants the ability to harness big data, it is important to note that it is only through the benefits afforded by Nexidia's technology is this truly possible.