Managed Analytic and Business Services


Speech analytics test hypotheses about customer behavior, allowing decision makers to rapidly identify and act on critical trends."
Frost and Sullivan

Experienced Team.
Proven Methodologies.

Nexidia’s technology showcases where a need for change exists through analysis of customer communications. However, technology alone cannot prioritize goals or implement a plan for change. Nexidia’s Managed Analytic and Business Services fill that gap. Simply put, Nexidia’s team, knowledge, and technology resources help you move beyond the technology and into business transformation. Companies who take advantage of Managed Services enjoy faster results, lower costs and a faster return on investment than companies who choose to implement and run customer interaction analytics on their own. The reason for this lies in Nexidia’s four distinct advantages received by companies who employ Managed Services.

  • Industry Knowledge: While Nexidia has worked within a variety of sectors, if you are in one of our focused verticals of healthcare, communications, financial services and technology you'll have an even greater advantage of leveraging our vast, industry specific knowledge that allows us to rapidly identify common business challenges associated with your market and determine their impact on your company. You’ll also benefit from our carefully honed best practices and lessons learned on how to solve those challenges.
  • Technology Expertise: Our grasp on the analysis of speech and customer interactions means you get up and running quicker, experience a smooth process and harness the full power of the technology to uncover business issues and their root cause. 
  • Leadership: Companies often have no systematic way of implementing analytics and applying their findings. Our ability to establish governance brings the structure and rigor needed to collect relevant business information from customer interactions and work with those in your enterprise who produce change.
  • Better skill set to labor cost ratios: Our Managed Services Teams employ highly trained, highly skilled, highly specialized experts. The cost to utilize our services is far more economical than hiring, training and maintaining your own in-house team.

Partnering with You:

It is the cultivated relationship between the Nexidia Managed Services Team and your company that give our services their impact. Together, both teams establish how to use the analytic technology as part of the larger, long-term aim of the business. Decisions can be operationally focused at the agent level within the contact center, can influence the enterprise as a whole, or both. Working in concert with you, our resources take the facts and figures provided by the analysis of your customer interactions and interpret and communicate them to the appropriate people within your organization. This collaborative process ensures that not only are solutions identified, but that meaningful actions around these solutions are taken.

For more information on why choosing Managed Analytic and Business Services may be right for your company, download the overview brochure.